Monday, July 5, 2010


1. Headaches : Fish (protein)
Eat lots of fish as FISH OIL helps to prevent headaches.
While GINGER reduces inflammation and pain.

2. Memory problems : Oysters
OYSTERS help increase our mental functioning by supplying much needed zinc.

3. Hay fever : Yogurt
Eat lots of YOGURT before pollen season.

4. Cough : Red pepper
A substance similar to that found in cough syrup is found in hot RED PEPPER.

5. Strokes : Tea
With regular doses of TEA everyday will prevent buildup of fatty deposit on artery walls.

6. Breast cancer : Wheat Bran, cabbage
WHEAT BRAN & CABBAGE help maintain estrogen at healthy levels.

7. Insomnia : Honey
Use HONEY as a tranquilizer and a sedative.

8. Lung cancer : Orange, green vegetables
A good antidote is beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A found in orange & GREEN VEGETABLES.

9. Asthma : Red onions
Eating RED ONIONS helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes.

10. Ulcers : Cabbage
CABBAGE contains chemical that help heal both type of ulcers.

11. Arthritis : Fish
SALMON, TUNA, MACKEREL & SARDINES prevent arthritis.

12. Diarrhea : Apples
Crate an APPLE with its skin. Let it turn brown and eat it to this condition.

13. Upset stomach : Banana, ginger
BANANAS will settle an upset stomach.
While GINGER cures morning sickness and nausea.

14. Clogged arteries : Avocados
Mono-unsaturated fat in AVOCADOS will lower our cholesterol level.

15. Bladder infections : Cranberry juice
High-acid CRANBERRY JUICE controls harmful bacteria.

16. High blood pressure : Olive oil, celery
OLIVE OIL has been shown to lower blood pressure.
While CELERY contains a chemical that lowers blood pressure.

17. Bones problems : Pineapple
Bones fractures and osteoporosis can be prevented by the manganese in PINEAPPLE.

18. Blood sugar imbalance : Broccoli, peanuts
The chromium in BROCCOLI & PEANUTS helps regulate insulin and blood sugar.

19. PMS : Cornflakes
Women can word off the effects of PMS with CORNFLAKES, which help reduce depression, anxiety & fatigue.